Supporting teachers, coaches, and administrators

We offer professional learning opportunities and site-based support for teachers, coaches, and administrators to use the SOAR Teaching Frames. We tailor our support to best meet the needs of your organization. Please contact us for more information.

Professional Learning for Teachers and Coaches

  • Introduction to SOAR Teaching Frames – one-day professional learning session designed to introduce teachers, coaches, and administrators to one of the SOAR Teaching Frames.
  • Deep Dive into SOAR Teaching Frames – two-day professional learning sessions designed to deepen understanding of the SOAR Teaching Frames through video examples, practice observations, and instructional strategy examples.
  • Site based  support for teachers development and implementation of strategies aligned with the practices in the teaching frames.

Building Instructional Capacity

  • Trainer of trainer session for facilitators to be able to offer an introduction or two day Deep Dive in their district or county. This is a two-day session with additional online support provided after the initial session.
  • Cross role design team support for implementing frames, facilitating small learning communities around the frames, and creating the conditions needed to spread the SOAR instructional practices broadly across your school, district or county

Educator Effectiveness and Evaluation

  • A professional learning session for instructional leaders to facilitate their implementation of calibration on the SOAR teaching frames in their context.
  • A professional learning session for instructional leaders to facilitate the use of the SOAR teaching frames and online collaboration platform as part of their system of evaluation and professional growth.
  • Support for districts to use the SOAR teaching frames, and associated measures, as part of their formal teaching review process.