Why EPF?

Why Essential Practice Frames or, as we refer to ourselves, EPF?

Research tells us that among school-related factors, teaching matters most when it comes to student learning. Teachers do not come ready made and effective teaching is not the sum of a set of instructional strategies, but rather it is a high level of professional practice that can be refined and honed over the course of a teacher’s career. At EPF we believe that every teacher can be successful when provided the appropriate support and tools.

So, how do we support teachers and provide them with the tools needed for their professional growth? We need to know what knowledge effective teachers have, which essential practices are evident in the classrooms of effective teachers, how do we recognize this teaching when we see it, and ultimately how do we use this information to support every teacher’s professional learning?

EPF has identified a set of design principles for this work that are based on what we have observed in numerous classrooms and schools across the country, coupled with our own extensive research. The guiding principles are:

  • Professional growth is best facilitated when you focus in on a set of instructional practices, especially those teaching practices that we know drive student learning.
  • We need to cultivate learning communities where teachers, coaches and instructional leaders engage together in cycles of strategic observation and reflection to drive improvements in teaching and learning.
  • Instructional leadership matters in creating the conditions that are necessary for supporting continuous professional growth and building instructional capacity.

The Strategic Observation And Reflection (SOAR) Teaching Frames are based in a decade of research. These teaching frames help teachers, coaches and administrators drive student learning by focusing on the most effective teaching practices aligned with Career and College Readiness Standards including CCSS.  Our frameworks for success are practice focused and learning driven.

EPF offers a suite of tools and services aligned with your goals including:

  • Teaching Frames and Observation Rubrics
  • Calibration and Collaboration Tool with master-scored videos
  • Walkthrough tools for evaluators and coaches
  • Online professional learning modules with illustrative videos for teachers and coaches
  • Site based professional learning sessions and ongoing coaching for implementation of practices

We are EPF. Join us.